Labor of Love! Blueberry Civic turns out Awesome!

Publicerades den 7 sep 2020
This bright blue hot rod civic made it down from Casper Wyoming to get a little tune and rip. Join us now as we work through problems find solutions and over all have a blast tuning on this beautiful car. The owner who had some major back issues built it in his spare time and it sure turned out cool.

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  • I normally dont comment on Pfis Videos but man let me tell you what... I first followed these guys because we have a fast car addiction, secondly their LOVE for these things is the most genuine ive ever seen But to go the extra mile for a fan and his family and immortalize him on the channel that he loved speaks volumes about the morale character and standard that this guy carries himself at... THX BRENT I wish there were more out there like you in these crazy times

  • Does anyone know what the owners name is

  • B18b1

  • Can we have 2 more brents dancing in unison? That would just be great.

  • 😂🤣 nice dance moves Brent!

  • Dancing Bret is sssssssoooooo RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDD lol hahhahahahahahahahahah

  • That engine bay will school you on your primary colors.

  • Why do I lose my shit everytime I see the Brent animation ha ha ha

  • love the car! what BOV is that?

  • Dancing on the tune making it super funky

  • The cartoon Brent dancing is pretty legendary

  • Does anybody know the source of that blue color? Looks kinda like an Audi color to me....

  • At 8:24,was that the nut off the pipe that blew out from under?That's a Great build guys!Looks,and sounds awesome.

  • Spoon engines freaking ripppp

  • Amazing tribute. All those pictures captured his passion. I know he would be so gidddy you included him in your video. Thank you for that Brent! I always look forward to your content! 👊🏻

  • Nice tune brent! smooth power, thats perfect

  • The music in beginning sounding like stranger things lol. Love the vids and work u all do Brent hope to one day have u retune my S2K. Much love and respect coming from Kentucky!!!

  • good

  • civic turbo charger installation has very good result china made an electric turbo charger so small and it works about 1500$

  • and graph is important when it could change about 50 HP better result output

  • your yellow stress bar at right side engage with brake booster , pump also has contact with viper area it should calculate again and if it hit softly from under and front and it damage pressure at the same moment into brake pads then what after all this type of bar will tilt your steering wheel together line there is not needed stress bar at above top you should do it from under engine and make it strong by RUM bar and cross rum or several configuration for RUM stress bar is so amateur and known as sport shape doesnt work always

  • Brooo your looking a little ruff around the eyes you need more sleep or a VAC 3 months ago you did not look like that a little r and r and tlc bro. Bless up

  • 8:21 you see under the light that little black peace of somthing broken That hurth ahahah bruh

  • Editing 💯💯🦎

  • Such a nice car! I have that same plm 3 point strut bar.

  • Was greg one of the guys in the video? And why did he lose his life? Condolences though, just curious, no disrespect...

    • He wasn’t in the video., he was a fan from 🇨🇦 Canada and it’s the least I could do for a fellow brother in life.

  • Can anyone link me to the pfi email , looking to get a basemap put together for a car I have. Seems now days these local tuners pick and choose who they help and I'm stuck and need help . Cant use my daily until I get a basemap that let's me drive the car , uploaded to my ECU..😔

    • @PFI Speed no , thank YOU 🙏 . I hit you guys up . Thanks again fellas

    • thank you brother 🤩

  • Like the music intro

  • Brent have a request please ask Roman since I think y'all said he is staying in PA to race streetspeed zr1 he has out ran everyone and I think the G word car or Battle now lol could bust it's azz from a roll for sure which is how he has been racing. It would be amazing if we could make it happen I would love to see the mr2 bust the zr1 but y'all are so far away it will probably never happen so figured maybe Roman.

  • 24:20 Emiliooooo! 👋

  • Is there anything Sean can’t do🤟💪

  • Sweet blueberry coupe❣️

  • Non Vtec right?

  • lol that radio shack soldering gun!

  • The owner driving it at the end doesn't smile much, but when he floored it his big ol smile came out. That's one happy PFI customer ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  • Hard question. Who smiles more, Brent or the customers after riding the car after it's finished ?? I can't answer this. I just say it's really cool to see !!! Horsepower directly connected to happiness!

  • When Brent pumps out more videos than the boosted boiz 🙄

  • cool tribute clip at the end too great work as always guys, keep it up

  • You guys deserve it buddy !!! Thanks for all the entertainment !

  • rip sorry for ur loss